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There is an energy of loss tonight...

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There is an energy of loss tonight...everyone has lost something at this point in the midst of this...whether it's money, a job, a relationship, a friendship, a loved one, freedom, a sense of peace...we're also losing our unconscious limiting patterns...and even though this is ultimately good, it's still hard and still a loss...and deserves to be honored. The YOU of yesterday and the YOU of today deserve to be be acknowledged and truly seen.

So please honor yourself acknowledging the sacrifices the warrior within you has had to make, had to endure. Many of us have had to break down, get back up, break down again, and get back up again and AGAIN to be here today... Take heart in your ability to withstand this storm. Even when you feel broken remember you are still breathing, you are still here, and you are mighty.

So much love to all of you beautiful friends.

You are the light in the dark
You are the light in the dark

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Brittany Bogdanovic
Brittany Bogdanovic
Apr 16, 2020

❤️❤️❤️ thank you!

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