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Did you know you taught me it's ok to be human?

You - my incredible clients, students and friends - have taught me above else in 2020 that it's ok to be human, to have issues come up, and pivot.

2020 was a year of getting thrown in more ways than one...between a pandemic, closing my offices and working from home, a baby with separation anxiety and sleep issues, a husband with a newly developed brain issue and a myriad of health problems, I was forced to completely give up control on more than one level.

And boy oh boy, this wasn't easy for me.

In fact you might say it kicked my a**. XD

So in dealing with all the craziness 2020 brought it became the most "unprofessional" year of my life. I am NOT a person who is late, who has to cancel last minute or keep rescheduling, who gets interrupted mid session by a screaming 1 year old losing her mind because she woke up early from her nap and needs to nurse, but this year has been a whole lot of that.

At first I resisted this lesson, I got REALLY upset and even got scared my clients would think I was too "unprofessional" and dissappear.

But you didn't, you even rolled with it...

You genuinely smiled when my daughter needed to say "Hi Momma" so she wouldn't flip, you didn't bat an eyelash when she needed to nurse mid session and you were always so reassuring and supportive when I would have to cancel altogether because my hubby or baby didn't feel well and needed me. Some of you even complimented me on how well I was handling things or reminded me to cherish this time with my daughter and also take some time for me. You've been understanding, flexible and loving.

In a word, you've been my angels.

Your grace has been so humbling and has unlocked me in ways I didn't know I desperately needed.

It's been spectacular witnessing my nervous system regulate, my body soften and relax, and my flexibility and creativity activate as I learn to surrender more to the flow of life, knowing it's ok to come exactly as I am and that whatever happens, I can navigate it because I am fully supported.

And this has even been one of the most (if not THE most), successful years monetarily for my business since I opened half a decade ago! Go figure! LOL XD

So thank you for teaching me it's ok to be human.

And please know, it's okay for you too. <3

I am forever grateful for you and how you've touched my life. Thank you.

BIG LOVE to you and Happy 2021!


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