On the fence? Get clarity by doing this ONE thing!

When I'm on the fence about something and I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure out what to do, I ask myself...

1. "Do I want to do it, but I'm finding reasons I shouldn't?" Or

2. "Do I think I should be doing it, but I don't actually want to?"

Which are you, 1 or 2?

The first is your heart and soul trying to speak to you, but your mind is trying to stop your expansion (out of fear).

The second is your mind trying to force you to do something your heart doesn't actually want you to do (your mind is looking for the "right" way rather than YOUR way).

Asking this question makes it soooo much easier to choose because living from the mind is hell and living from the heart is heaven. ♥💓

You get to choose.

Psssttt...If you need help along the way I'm here for you.

For me personally when I'm not clear is when I reach out the most for support. If I go it all alone without anyone holding space for me I spin my wheels about a thousand times longer. Lol 🙃