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GROUP CLASS launches on February 24, 2023 
#1 Live 2/24/23 @9:15am CDT (one hour)
#2 Live 
3/3/23 @10:20am CDT (one hour)
#3 Live 3/17/23 @10:20am CDT (one hour)
#4 Live 3/31/23 @10:20am CDT (one hour)
Replays of all lives will be available


What you get:

Presale until Feb 14, 2023 is $555 or 6 payments of $111

Full Price $1,111 or 6 payments of $222

MAD LOVE Launches on Feb. 24, 2023

Payment plans available

  1. INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS (including all updates)

  2. 6 pre-recorded self led modules with 5 to 6 lessons per module (one module per week) 

  3. Exercises and tools

  4. BONUS: 4 LIVE Q&A Zooms

  5. BONUS: Module Q&A Videos

  6. BONUS: Private facebook group membership

  7. BONUS: Violet Flame Meditation

Are you...a spiritual women who wants to go from being mad about love, to being madly in love with you first and foremost and your partner...(whether you're currently in a relationship or not).

This course will show you how to love you by seeing your unhealed trauma reflected in your closest, most intimate relationship with your partner (and how to heal it).

Are you also feeling the strain of these times on your relationship?

Now is the time to recognize all of the known and hidden issues coming up for you in your relationship because, with the right mindset and tools, it can actually be a GIFT! Your relationship with your partner mirrors the unconscious patterns you still have left to heal. If you learn how to make peace with your partner you will make peace within yourself too (and vice versa).

Wouldn't it feel nice to be at peace within yourself and with your partner even among the chaos?

Especially during this unique time, it's very easy to fall into old toxic patterns and go on autopilot. This isn't a conscious choice being made, it's an unconscious and subconscious choice and it's SABOTAGING YOUR ABILITY TO RECEIVE YOUR PARTNER FULLY AND HAVE THE INCREDIBLE RELATIONSHIP THAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU!

I created this course because I don't want you to have to suffer through this process anymore. This course is designed for you to do on your own (though please feel free to share with your partner). It even works when your partner isn't spiritual at all!

This 6 module, 6 week self led pre-recorded course is all about helping you identify, heal and clear your relationship blind spots that keep you from truly seeing what's right in front of you, from receiving fully from your partner and allowing you to get into (and stay in) divine feminine flow (receiving mode). You have INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS, so you can go as fast or as slow as you would like.

Or in other words, "Mad Love" will bring you from mad about love to madly in love.

You'll be shown how to...

  • Handle the unique obstacles presented during major world events.

  • Go from reactive to receptive & relaxed by healing your triggers.

  • Trust your partner even when they've hurt you.

  • Set healthy boundaries (instead of putting up barriers around your heart).

  • Stop arguments before they escalate.

  • Get your partner to listen and receive you.

  • Reignite the passion so that you can enJOY your lover.

  • Honor your partner's needs while honoring yourself (even when you're low resources and don't feel like you can do it).

  • Truly celebrate each other's differences instead of being annoyed by them.

  • Tell the difference between a healthy relationship that's just having a hard time or a truly unhealthy one.

  • Align with your highest relationship timeline where you evolve WITH your partner (not separately).

  • Feel like a GODDESS in your own skin and in your relationship (where you actively feel deeply in love with your partner AND you feel empowered, happy and alive).

  • Work with a unique GODDESS every week to assist you in your spiritual relationship journey!

    I'll show you this using my own unique method called F.L.O.W. so that you can stop going with the flow (the status quo) and find your unique flow.


There's a deep down belief that we're not allowed to have it we sabotage ourselves in our most intimate relationship with our lover...and on top of that we really don't know how to be the newly healed, empowered version of ourselves that we are today while in a relationship.

Well, soul sista', let's change it together! You don't have to do this alone. Go on this journey with me and be in the relationship you know you deserve.

Join me, Erin Ryan, Energy Coach, Certified Reiki Master Teacher & Intuitive, to help you live in the most beautiful, evolved romantic relationship possible for you.

Your partner will thank you (and me ;)!

BIG LOVE to you; I look forward to seeing you in the course! <3

- Erin Ryan

Course Outline
Module 1 - Setting the Stage
  • Lesson 1 - Setting the Stage & How F.L.O.W. works
  • Lesson 2 - What Does F.L.O.W. Stand For?
  • Lesson 3 - Setting an Intention
  • Lesson 4 - Powerhouse Goddess Persona
  • Lesson 5 - Curious Mindset & Surrender to the Process Now
Module 2 - Fear to Free
  • Lesson 1 - Explanation of Freedom in F.L.O.W.
  • Lesson 2 - Presence and the "ABA"s
  • Lesson 3 - Barriers vs. Boundaries
  • BONUS - More on Toxic Barriers & Empowering Boundaries
  • Lesson 4 - What Being Empathic Means for your Relationship
  • Lesson 5 - Aggressive Self Care, Being Your Own Muse & Mary Magdalene
 Module 3 - Lonely to Love
  • Lesson 1 - Explanation of Love in F.L.O.W.
  • Lesson 2  - Conditional/Lazy Love vs. Unconditional Love
  • BONUS - More on Understanding Conditional Love
  • Lesson 3 - How to Communicate Energetically
  • Lesson 4 - Victim Consciousness & Soul Contracts
  • Lesson 5  - Gas Pedal/Brake Pedal, Having a Flexible Mind and Being Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Lesson 6 - Contrast is Good, Flowing Unconditional Love & Kuan Yin
Module 4 - Ownership to Oneness
  • Lesson 1 - Explanation of Oneness in F.L.O.W.
  • Lesson 2  - Uniting the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine
  • BONUS -  More on "Your Partner is You" Exercise
  • Lesson 3 - Trust & Mate Bids
  • Lesson 4 - Sex, Money & Receiving
  • Lesson 5 - The Healing Patriarchy, Painful Women Collective & Hestia 
Module 5 - War to Wholeness
  • Lesson 1 - Explanation of Wholeness in F.L.O.W.
  • Lesson 2  - Vulnerability is your Superpower & Creative Chaos
  • Lesson 3 - Integrating Light & Dark
  • Lesson 4 -  Working with your Inner Drama Queen
  • Lesson 5 - Superior Victim & Turning Pain into Pleasure
  • Lesson 6 - Upper Limit, Taking 100% Responsibility & Isis
Module 6 - Putting It All Together
  • Lesson 1 - How to maintain F.L.O.W.
  • Lesson 2 - Alchemy of the Soul
  • Lesson 3 - Backbone & Integrity
  • Lesson 4 - COVID & Your Relationship
  • Lesson 5 - What Now?
  • BONUS  - Resources
BONUS MODULE - Relationship Q&As (new videos added on a continual basis)
  • Q&A Introduction
  • What if your partner hasn't changed at all by the end of the course?
  • What do you do when your partner is yelling at you?
  • What if you're having a hard time with unconditional love?
  • What if your partner is shut down emotionally?

How do I know if "Mad Love" is right for me?

Are you a spiritual woman (currently in or out of a relationship) who is...

  • Sick and tired of hitting the same wall and repeating the same patterns with your partner in your relationship (current or past relationships)?

  • Worried there’s something wrong with you that you can’t seem to get your relationship right even though you love your partner and you know they love you?

  • Secretly terrified that maybe you’re meant to be alone and inevitably your relationship is doomed even though that’s not really what you want?

  • Confused because you know you’re deeply in love with your partner, but your relationship just isn’t working for the newly healed version of you?

  • Afraid that upleveling in your life means you need to leave your relationship?

  • Worried that because your partner is behind the spiritual 8 ball that they can’t catch up to you and you’ll have to part ways?

  • Totally over being on a different wavelength than your partner and knowing you can’t go backwards, but have no idea how to move forwards?

  • Constantly feeling triggered by your mate even though you don’t want to be?

  • Exhausted from showing up as a version of yourself in your relationship that makes you feel like a reactive mess?

  • Have already been through the dark night of the soul within yourself, but now you’re experiencing it in your relationship now and want to get through it with ease?

  • Felt a silent, invisible pressure to move on from your relationship as this newly healed version of yourself, but you really don’t want to?

If you identify with even 1 or 2 of these then "Mad Love" is right for you!

How do I know if it's the right time for me to go on the "Mad Love" adventure?
Are you ready to...
  • Break through the unconscious toxic patterns keeping you stuck in your relationship so that you can evolve with your partner farther and faster than you thought possible?
  • Co-create a beautiful, blissful way of life with your partner that you always dreamed of, but didn’t know how to achieve?
  • Fall madly in love with your partner just as they are and yourself too?
  • Finally be in creative flow with your partner instead of out of sync, fractured and broken?
  • Never slow down or stop your own spiritual evolution again because you finally trust in your relationship so much and so completely that you know it can’t fail no matter what?
  • Show up as the love goddess you truly are and embody that in the most intimate relationship possible?
  • Not just know you’re with your soul mate, but feel it in every cell of your body too?
  • Have a relationship where you get to be all of you with reckless abandon and know your partner has got your back?
  • Learn the lessons the Universe is trying to teach you so you can transcend them and show up as the potent, bad ass alpha woman you truly be with ease?
Then you're ready to take the Mad Love relationship course to go from mad about love to madly in love.

We’ll cover...

  • How to apply a new unique method created by your instructor, Erin Ryan, called F.L.O.W. designed to bring your relationship from conscious to superconscious.

  • In F.L.O.W. you’ll move from Fearful to Free, Lustful to unconditionally Loving, Ownership to Oneness and War to Wholeness.

  • How to know if you’re with the right person (whether currently in a relationship or not).

  • How to harness and embody your own Unique Inner Aphrodite so that you can experience extreme pleasure in your relationship.

  • How to uncover, identify, heal and stop repeating toxic relationship patterns.

  • Vital mindset shifts to completely transform your relationship with yourself and your partner.

  • The biggest blocks to the cosmic relationship you know is possible and how to overcome them.

  • How to be unconditionally loving and apply and implement that in your daily life.

  • The difference between true love and lazy love.

  • How to tell the difference between healthy boundaries and barriers masquerading as boundaries and how to maintain them.

  • Energy exercises to heal and enrich your relationship.

  • Tools to navigate any disagreement with ease.

  • How to get into a co-creative flow in your relationship regardless of how long it’s been since you felt co-creative passion.

What you get...

  • Mad Love Relationship Course with 6 pre-recorded video modules (value $997)

  • Tools and exercises

  • BONUS: 3 LIVE Q&A Zooms

  • BONUS: Module Q&A Videos

  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group membership

  • BONUS: Violet Flame Meditation

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