COVID-19 Soul Detox: Feel all of your feelings (w/podcast link)

Many of us are at home right now due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). And since it's spreading to many parts of the world more day by day, my guess is we'll be here for awhile.

Since we're not able to travel outward into the world like we used to, this is the perfect time to travel inward and do a soul detox.

One of the paths to this is through feeling all of your feelings.

Why feel all of your feelings?

Why go through a soul detox instead of flipping on the tv nonstop for weeks upon weeks instead of connecting to your body?

Well, my darling, because when we fully feel our feelings we are FINALLY able to let go of all the sh*t that we've been holding onto for years; the icky stuff that's been creating this ambiguous uneasy feeling we've been carrying around, but because we've been so busy we haven't been able to focus on long enough to understand, let alone clear it.

This is YOUR time my beautiful friend to clear these emotions out of your body.

Those emotions stuck deep down are a culmination of all of your unconscious patterns (i.e. your conditioning) from lifetimes of trauma...they keep you stuck so when you release them you'll get to come back into a state of flow.

Flow is something you knew well when you were born, but you may have forgotten.

When you're in a state of flow things are easeful and you'll have this sense of joy, certainty and peace even if things are challenging and difficult (yes, it's possible to not be happy about something, but still be at total peace with it.)