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"Reiki is beautiful because it heals in the moment, giving the person exactly what they need when they need it most. The root cause is dissolved and the person returns to a more natural vibrational state."


- Erin Ryan, Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher



"I have had a total of three sessions with Erin, all which brought a clearer perspective and healing than I had anticipated. My first session was incredible as she did a physic cord cutting of all of my immediate family members that had an impact on my own energies. Rest assured she peacefully reattachedthe chords and continued the amazing session. Afterwards beautiful synchronicity immediately came into my field with my new clear perspective on my path. I had felt that I was supposed to allow my families energies into my field because that is what I have been used to for all my life. With Erin's help I am now able to in a neutral format, flow through my families loving energy with out taking on all of my siblings energies.


With the amazing initial results I was eager for her to do a session on my Australian Shepherd and again, the results and insights were priceless.With all that my pup and I have been through it was a blessing to have a fresh wave of energy emanating through our connection and Erin said she would throughout the day send distant Reiki to my dog and it sure was noticeable. And with my last session I did she at the end told me my body is in need of some sort of martial arts practice. With the synchronicity of her work ever present, the day before I was at my sisters house helping her move in, I had seen a pile of her boyfriends Bruce Lee books. I felt a deep spark to begin to endeavor in the martial arts upon seeing the books and there is no coincidence Erin picked up on that the following day. A true testament to her ability to work with your energy to lead you down the right path. With there not being linguistics to describe to the full potential of her incredible work, go in for yourself to have the incredible experienceand you will know what I am talking about.


Blessings to all and Erin is absolutely correct, there is no better time for healing. :)"


- Michael V.


"In the course of daily life, it is so easy to focus on the short term, on getting through the day and the next hurdle, that we really tend to lose track of our unique sense of sense and these amazing vehicles - our bodies - that get us through it all. Reiki with Erin is like taking a deep dive back into yourself - not only who you are as a person, but also the very real, physical body that you inhabit. Erin has a true gift for this art - simultaneously putting you in touch with your deepest spiritual self and your tangible physical presence on this earth, and she does it without pretention, but engages you with sincere interest and genuine compassion, and immerses you in the sense of unconditional love that we all so often deprive ourselves of."

-Rachael M.


"My first ever Reiki session with Erin was inspiring. She brought to surface things I was aware of without having to ask me anything. She is very relaxing and extremely knowledgeable in her work, I am very excited to continue having her work on me."

-Kate P.


"Erin has an uncanny ability to tap into your stuck places and make you aware that you are not alone in this journey called life. Her approach to Reiki is a beyond what I've experienced with other practitioners. She truly has a gift!"

-Kris F.


"Erin's Reiki is like being in the desert and finally getting a drink of water!"

-Lisa D.


"Had a Reiki session with Erin yesterday and it was amazing!!! So relaxing and enlightening! Thanks Erin!"

- Mo S.


"I LOVE my reiki sessions with Erin! Extremely intuitive and am completely comfortable with her energy. I highly recommend her."

- Brook M.



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