Are you feeling unsupported in your relationship?

If you're feeling unsupported in your romantic relationship it's time to take another look at how you're showing up...👀

There's a difference between needing your partner to fulfill your needs and acknowledging your needs while being curious about how to masterfully get them met (maybe by your partner, maybe not).

See the difference?

💥 The first traps your partner - if they don't do <fill in the blank> for you then they'll feel like a failure and you're left feeling slighted/abandoned/hurt/unsupported. (Psssttt...This goes the other way too).

⚡⚡⚡ The second CHOICE gives you and your partner the SPACE to expand without sacrificing CONNECTION, so that every contribution you CAN give to each other is acknowledged, celebrated and appreciated...and over time, exponentially increased.

More of the same is created...more expansion, more contribution, more connection, more acknowledgement, more celebration, more gratitude, more respect, more fun...more love 💘

Oh, and did I mention, more orgasms?

Yeah, there's that too. 😘🌸💫💫💫

Instead of replaying the same old hell scripts (i.e. old toxic patterns) with your partner (or future partner) you can make a completely different choice.

You can find out HOW to rise and ACTIVATE your own inner love goddess to BE the kind of space that HEALS and AMPLIFIES you both in and out of your intimate relationship.

...Meet and activate your inner love goddess 👇