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A DEEP Shame Trigger

A DEEP shame trigger from my childhood got activated...

I hadn't thought about it in years...for years I even thought it wasn't that significant anymore.

My husband held space for me, comforted me and helped me release it. I talked, I cried, he listened, he comforted, and held me. I can't even believe how much space it was taking up within me now that is finally free.

We NEED people in our world to hold space for us. We're not solitary creatures (though it's healthy to enjoy some solitude 😘).

If you don't have someone in your world that can hold sacred space for you please reach out.

If not to me, then someone your body and intuition know you can trust (even if your mind has a hard time trusting).

Set yourself free. You don't deserve to live with this. 💚


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