The breakthrough is the easy part

The hardest part about spiritual growth is not the initial expansion; it's holding the vibration of the expansion in your everyday life as your new normal.

This is why you can feel amazing after a workshop, course or book and have an awesome breakthrough, but then not long after it's over slip back into old patterns.

It sucks and it's messy, but there it is.

So what can we do about this? If you're anything like me, you're not going to like the answer...

Structure. Yep, you need to implement some daily routine to keep you in alignment. OR, if you're a control freak and you have too much structure, some of that structure will need to be torn down to make room for your wild spirit to come through.

How can you tell what to keep and what to let go of (or at the very least modify)? That part requires keen observation. I don't want you to pay attention to how you feel right before you do the thing in your day...Instead, pay attention to how you feel after you've done the thing.

Ask questions like these:

  1. Do I feel more like me in some way now that I've done this? (More fulfilled, relaxed, happy, peaceful, etc.)

Example 1: You might resist meditating, but feel great afterwards. That's something you would keep in your day and prioritize.

Example 2: You might exercise and feel horrible afterwards, which is something you would need to modify (at least) could be the type of exercise you're choosing, the time of day, whether you ate first, etc. Be curious and uncover what would make exercise fun for you again. If you can't find any way to modify it and have it be fun, then your body might need a break.

  1. Is my energy lighter now that I've done it? (Or does it feel heavier...are you more moody now or irritated?)

Example: You watch your favorite dramatic tv show, but you feel icky after. You're kind of snarky and there's an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach. You might want to eliminate or reduce how much dramatic tv you consume. It's not that drama is bad, because it's not (I LOVE me a good drama), it's about gauging if it's a contribution to you or not. I've had times where I watched dramatic tv and felt great afterwards and I've experienced the opposite too.