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Stay Curious

One of the biggest dis-eases I see is our inability to stay curious. We lose the child like wonder and curiosity that makes our life an adventure and keeps our imaginations, creativity and "problem" solving flowing.

Many of us, as we age, are taught to abandon our inner child and with it our child like gets replaced over time with rigidity in the guise of responsibility and pragmatism, but are these things really mutually exclusive? Could it be that we married these concepts together that don't actually belong together?

The longer I'm alive, the more curious I'm becoming, and with it EVERYTHING is unlocking...

...instead of conclusions, I ask questions.

Instead of becoming scared, I get excited.

Instead of judging, I'm aware.

Instead of doubling down and digging my heels in, I'm opening up to magic and possibility so that EVERYTHING around me unlocks and melts, softens.

I'm receiving.

I'm believing.

I'm knowing.

This is the single most life changing piece of magic I've reclaimed for myself (and I'll always be learning how to reclaim more of it). When our minds are open and flexible so is our life. We can find our flow with so much more ease and stay there.

Gotta fight for it though, we're taught to let our feelings and belief systems run amok without pausing to wonder, question and ask. For many of us our fight or flight is on a hair trigger so we get stuck in the hell of an ongoing and intense amygdala hijacking, especially when we've experienced trauma. As soon as that invisible alarm is tripped and all those stress hormones poor into our bloodstream it's game over for at least a little while until we can find our way back to ourselves.

Learning how to hold our humanness when we're triggered will help us come down more quickly...and learning how to heal our core wounds will help keep us from being triggered in the first place.

This combination PLUS imagination, curiosity and wonder are the most incredible tools.

But do you know how to start this process with clear, conscious intent? BINGO, through clear, conscious intent! LOL When you know how to become aware and then set a powerful, spirit aligned INTENTION this kicks off off a cascade of energy that will ripple through your entire life.

Then it's time to tear down the barriers around your heart and set BOUNDARIES....and learn how to move from your INTEGRITY while getting your needs met.

Without a CONSCIOUS INTENTION you won't know where you're going.

Without BOUNDARIES you won't feel safe to go.

Without INTEGRITY you'll veer out of alignment as you move forward and get knocked back by other people's energy and ideas about you and the world.

And all this requires PRESENCE.

Another level of presence is CURIOSITY. To be truly curious you must be present. To be curious you can't be stuck in the fear of fight or flight. You have to abandon the old scripts and beliefs of the ego that aren't serving you.

The next time you want to tighten up, react and go into conclusion I invite you to instead...Pause. Wonder. Question. Unlock. Soften. Open. Expand. And above all, stay curious my friends <3

And if you need help in this journey I'm here.


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