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A Bag of Baby Carrots Yelled at Me Today

It sounds absolutely ridiculous, I know...but that doesn't mean it didn't happen!


First, let me back up just a smidge. I've been thinking a lot lately about my body and the food I normally eat. I wouldn't exactly call it the most healthy of relationships.

At a class last week my teacher mentioned a very interesting tool. Why not just ask your body what it requires? Most people aren't aware that bodies have their own consciousness. I learned this interesting tid bit firsthand a couple of years ago when a friend's pinky toe started talking to me during a Reiki session. What did it say you ask!? In this case it was disappointed that its owner paid so little attention to it. O.O What?! Mind you this "discussion" came in the form of thoughts sprouting up in my mind, though they weren't audible and I didn't get any sort of visual imagery to go alone with it. Rather I felt it, and the energy presented itself. From that day forward I started working with bodies and communicating with them more directly.

It was pretty neat, honestly, since I could tell people things about their own bodies that I had no way of knowing. I'm often asked by my clients, "How did you know that?" :) But for whatever reason, I never thought to ask my body for the nutrition it required. That is, until my class last week. Now let's fast forward to yesterday.

I was in the grocery store and decided to finally ask my body what it required. I headed for the carrots, but the second I touched one of the bags I could feel it/them/whatever screaming at me! They were saying, "Nope, not us lady!" This feeling was so intense I actually put them down. After feeling it out for a bit (and despite being a bit confused and perplexed) I decided to choose again. This time I paid more attention to the subtle energies emanating from each individual bag.

This is one of the boons of being an active and deliberate energy worker; I get to sense and play with all different types of energy (*spoiler alert* you can too with a little practice). It took less than a minute for me to pick up another bag. It felt different, but good, even serene. I waited to see if this one would also object, but nothing happened. I just felt contentedness, which is a very interesting emotion to have while holding a bag of carrots, lemme tell ya! So I did what any sane and reasonable person would do; I put them in my cart and bought them. Voila! :)

I wonder if they'll taste different somehow? Better? More flavorful? I'm not sure! But what I do know is there's something to this "communicating with my body" thing. So the next time you find yourself in the grocery store or asking yourself what you'd like to eat, think of this post and then just ask your body what it requires. See if it answers you back!

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