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You're not depressed because you have no value

You're not depressed because you think you have no value...

You're depressed because you have SO MUCH TO SHARE you don't know what to with yourself...

You actually have SO MUCH VALUE it's hard to fathom.

It's just that somewhere along the line it stopped being safe to share you.

There were one too many harsh words spoken to you...

One too many harsh actions taken against you...

And you stopped.

You stopped yourself from sharing...

and creating.

And now here we are.

NO sharing.

NO creating.


But all of that love and wisdom is still bound up in your body...bound up in your heart...and throat...

Can you hear that?

Can you feel that?

It's this spark of joy...spark of creativity...and it's yours.

It's you.

Still there...waiting to be shared.

It's okay - you can come out now from hiding.

The coast is clear.

And if it's not you tell me and I'll find those people that put you down...

I'll find those people who made you stop loving yourself...

Caring for yourself...

Sharing the gift you BE in the world.

I'll find them and show them it's okay for them to come out now too.

We'll all hold space for each other.



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