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What I saw tonight...

Tonight while sending distance Reiki to my facebook group "Distance Energy Healing for You and The World" (feel free to join if you'd like to receive Reiki from me daily for free) I could feel us all being bathed in an energy that resembled, well, errrr...

Honestly, it reminded me of amniotic fluid...

I know, a strange thing to say, but there it is...

The more I think on it the more it makes sense though...

Amniotic fluid takes us back to a time when we were just forming, to our genesis, before we experienced any trauma...

There was just us and this lovely, warm, supportive liquid that we could literally breathe into our bodies and hear our mother's heart beat through.

What if we are all still in a sort of womb now?

It's just that instead of being within our mother's womb, we're within the womb of the earth 🌎 or the Universe 🌌 and we are loved just as completely and unconditonally as a mother loves her child.

What if? 🤔


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