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What does a Rainbow Dragon and "5 Steps to STOP Freaking Out" have in common?

Prefer to listen than read? Here's my latest podcast all on this topic:


A couple weeks ago I woke up with my head swimming (it was almost vertigo) and I had a HUGE knot in my stomach...

It was INTENSE...soooo intense that at first I worried I had eaten something bad or something else was wrong, but I instinctively knew that wasn't it at all...

I searched for why I was feeling this way, especially since it came out of nowhere...

I thought about the day before when I had upped my one-on-one prices on my website (it was time so many ways, but still very uncomfortable for me), I committed to doing 2 LIVE videos every week in my facebook group (did you know most people fear public speaking MORE than they fear death?) and ALSO the ceiling in my bathroom closet almost caved in (our neighbor upstairs had a leak in her a/c unit that had been pooling in our ceiling for, like, awhile!)...ALL THIS ON THE SAME DAY!

I quickly realized that I was experiencing some pretty gnarly physical stress manifestations from upleveling. Because of the big shifts I had made the day before my energy had expanded waaaaay out, which meant a bunch of old toxic energy that I was using to hold myself back was released and caving in on me (much like my bathroom ceiling). This old energy needed to be processed THROUGH ME FIRST so that it could then leave, but I contracted my energy SO MUCH (out of an old unconscious reflex) that it couldn't leave with ease...think of water running through a clogged pipe causing pressure at the "clog" this case, my solar plexus (third chakra, place of identity and personal power) and top of my head (7th chakra, divine connection).

I tried to use every energetic tool I could think of to clear it, but nothing worked...

So I finally gave up "doing it my way"...I laid down on my floor on my back with my legs up and my baby playing on top of me while I started breathing slowly...I closed my eyes and asked for what I needed.

I closed my eyes and asked for what I needed.

After a few moments I heard, "Rainbows" LOL...I was confused...I asked my guides, "Wait a minute, I'm about to puke and the room is kinda spinning and you want me to look at rainbows? That's it?" I wasn't convinced that I "heard" the answer right (hey, I'm human too ;) so I checked in again...and got the exact same answer quickly, "Rainbows".

Now, I've been doing this energy stuff for a long time, so if my body and/or guides tell me to do something with that much clarity and energetic pizzazz, I do it. I've learned over the years that they're ALWAYS right.

So...I hopped onto Pinterest and started looking up images of rainbows...

All of the brilliant colors immediately started to calm me (ever so slightly at first, but it was enough to keep me going)...

The momentum built so much that after like 5, 10 mins of looking at rainbow upon rainbow I felt 90% back to normal.


My head stopped swimming and my stomach unwound from the tight little knot it was in! I could breathe (and stand ;) with ease again!

AND WOWEE, rainbows?! HAHAHA Of all the tools in my metaphysical tool belt, looking at pictures of rainbows is what did it?! I DIDN'T GET IT AT ALL BUT I LOVED IT! 🌈

Later that day I told my mentor about what happened and she sent me a picture of the Rainbow Dragon. I was floored...that's exactly what had occurred...this beautiful creature had visited me in every rainbow I looked at...I felt the truth of that experience everywhere in my body like tiny little glittery sparks of electricity.

Rainbow dragons symbolize the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so to speak...on the image the first thing it says is, "Have trust." Followed by, "Rediscover wisdom. Expect miracles. Accept opportunities." It was exactly what I trust my choices, that everything was indeed turning out for me even though it didn't feel like it...and to tap into my inner wisdom, to expect my life to be miraculous and to notice where it already is miraculous. No wonder I received this medicine on that gave me the energetic permission to truly expand and unwind myself and to let go.

So if you're still reading this lovely one, the Rainbow Dragon is your medicine too! The medicine of trust, connecting to your inner wisdom, and expecting miracles is for you too!




Now, if you're not sure how to do this, that's are 5 simple, but potent steps to help you move into the receiving mode, which is essential to well, errr, receive the wisdom, the miracle, the answer.

Step 1. Get into a relaxed position

In my case, I laid down with my back on the floor, legs up on my ottoman and my eyes closed. Normally, just laying down would suffice...or sitting up. It just depends, so you choose for you as long as you feel comfy and relaxed.

Step 2. Take some nice slow, deep breaths

Don't labor with each breath, just make sure they're slower and deeper than normal. This helps your body slip into a state of calm. Feel free to place your hands on your body if it feels good (I recommend your heart and your stomach)...or stretch them far out on the floor; whatever feels the most comforting and comfortable.

Step 3. Shift your focus

Place all of your focus and attention on the base of your spine. For those of you familiar with chakras, you'll know this is called the root chakra or the first chakra (chakras are energy centers). By shifting focus you're moving energy far away from your analytical thinking mind and into your seat of knowing.

Step 4. Ask

Once you've spent a minute or so focusing on your first chakra ask, "What do I need right now?" *When you ask, make sure your energy doesn’t shoot right back into your head...STAY present and rooted in your first chakra. You'll know you're there because a stillness and calm will wash over you and when you receive your answer, it will feel light and expansive no matter how perplexing.

Step 5. Wait

Your only job now is to stay in this receptive, receiving mode (AKA stay relaxed) and then wait for some kind of might be a word(s) you "hear" like I did, an image you see, an inspiring idea or an "aha" moment, a knowing, a sensation in your body that reminds you of something or you might not perceive anything at first.

If you don't get any kind of answer don't worry at'll come when it's ready, which might be at an unexpected moment later on.

Chances are though if you're freaking out like I was, you'll be so open to the answer it'll find its way to you sooner rather than later. Your biggest hurdle to the wisdom will be trusting the answer that comes through for you. You'll want to doubt it or think it was just some random thought. Try to focus on the energy of the answer...does it feel light (even if it doesn't make sense)? That lightness and feeling of softness is what you're looking for...if it sounds and feels pleasant that IS your medicine. If it feels heavy that's not your answer; that's your ego trying to get back into the driver seat. If that's the case, just observe it calmly, then place your focus back into your first chakra again, breathe and relax...give yourself permission to just be for awhile and when you're ready, ask again.


Try this out and let me know how it goes! Did it help? Was it hard getting into the receiving mode and trusting the answer that came through for you? Let me know in the comments section below!


Prefer to listen than read? Here's my latest podcast all on this topic:

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Erin Ryan, MSOM, LAc
Erin Ryan, MSOM, LAc
2020년 8월 05일

That is AMAZING!!! 👏👏👏 It's inspiring what we can receive when we learn how to calm down, become present and RECEIVE! We're always trying to "figure everything out" instead of surrendering to the moment and allowing the magic to flow in. Have fun painting, woohoo! 🙌💙💙💙


Brittany Bogdanovic
Brittany Bogdanovic
2020년 8월 05일

Thank you for sharing! I've tried this and got the word blue, at first I was like blue 🤔 so many things are blue. So I asked again and got the same. So I searched blue photography and it calmed me down. Also directed me to acrylic pouring which boosted my creative side 👏 just need to get the supplies 🥰

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