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Thoughts from my group Distance Reiki session tonight

Soooooo much shadow work has been taking place...

By now you probably know which side of the fence you're on...

Either stepping more fully into the light than ever before or you feel as if you're going mad because you're glued to your shadow.

Or possibly both!

If you're dropping density then please be what I like to call "deliciously greedy" and while basking in the glow of gratitude ask for more, more, MORE of the same (and beyond)!

YOU being YOU experiencing joy is more healing for the world 🌎 than any amount of "misery of proving" to show yourself and others that you understand and won't abandon them through your suffering.

Moving into the light and experiencing bliss in your body is the kindest thing you can choose for you and the world. 🌎

If you're stuck in shadow then SURRENDER now...


"I surrender fear, worry, and doubt up to the Universe and I surrender FULLY to the process now."

You're SO close to your bliss, KEEP GOING...

Just a few more steps and ultimate yin (darkness) will transform into ultimate yang (light) just like the dawn breaks after the darkest part of the night.


If you're interested in receiving free daily distance Reiki from me, Erin Ryan, you can join my facebook group, "Distance Energy Healing for You & The World".


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