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This place

This place is not scary but sometimes feels safe...

...This place is safe and sometimes feels scary.


A couple weeks ago while lounging on my couch with my baby girl I found myself flowing unending amounts of love to her...and then something occurred to me...

What if the Universe is our Mother... and this planet is her womb... and she loves us as much and as completely as I love my beautiful baby girl?

As much as I loved her when she was still in my belly and as much as I love her now?

And as much as I loved my son while he was in my belly and as much as I love him now that he's 11 years old?

As much as I'll always love them no matter what?

These thoughts changed me.

Suddenly the world wasn't a scary place that we needed to overcome. Suddenly it was a place where we are always wrapped in a warm blanket of unending love. There is no proving here. There is no unworthiness here. There is only acceptance, allowance and love.

But like me with my little ones (or you with the people and creatures you love), the Universe's "job" as our Mother is not to do everything for us or to keep us from the experiences of life. Her job, like every Mother, is to wrap us up in an unending blanket of love.

Love isn't scary.

Love isn't something we need to escape from....or distract ourselves from.

But it is something we have to choose to let in and receive.

We don't ever have to receive it; it's our choice. We can cut ourselves off from it and choose to believe the world is scary and only sometimes feels safe...or we can choose to be wrapped in this blanket of unending love and know that the world is safe, but sometimes feels scary.

I choose to let love in.

Will you join me?

Please comment, "I let love in" so we can let love in together.

P.S. I'm flowing love to you now? Can you feel it? Please comment, "I feel it!" if you do!



Erin Ryan, MSOM, LAc
Erin Ryan, MSOM, LAc
Nov 08, 2019

This is all so beautiful, thank you amazing beings for sharing your light! Ashley- reclaiming that child like wonder is such a gift. I'm so grateful you find it every day. You exude love and acceptance, thank you for being you. Brittany- Rock on girl, you are a STAR 🌟! Moonstone924- Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with your second baby. I've felt the love exponentializing too and it's awe inspiring, just like you and your kind, wise words. Thank you. 🙏


Nov 08, 2019

I love the thought that Universe is Mother & the Earth her womb. I can feel her warmth & love that nourishes & encourages the life that grows around us. We can All experience the mystery, the wonder, & the awe of what "Our cup runneth over" actually means.

That was my lesson when my second child was born! To feel & experience how love is not divided or shared but actually multiplied with each new birth.

I let love in & can feel the warm glow radiating in the middle of me...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Erin...

You inspire healthy thinking that can change the world full circle!


Brittany Bogdanovic
Brittany Bogdanovic
Nov 08, 2019

I let love in and feel the flow! Sending it back to you!


Nov 08, 2019

I always choose to let the love in, and I definitely feel the love you’re flowing! I’m flowing love right back to you. I cry happy tears a lot because of all the love I choose to feel around yesterday when I got in my car and heard the radio station switched to Christmas music, and I drove passed downtown Crystal Lake to see the crews putting up the lights. I chose to let that childish love of wonder and excitement for this time of year flow through me like a tidal wave, and right out my eyes in the form of happy tears. I love love. It’s the best. <3

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