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The fastest way to change something

The fastest way to change something is NOT by resisting it.

Resistance energy STOPS you first...and them second (if you're lucky), but only after a lot of energy has been dumped down the drain.

See that?

There it goes...

Whirling down the drain faster than you can replenish it.

The fastest way TO change something is...

First to ACKNOWLEDGE it...

Second to ALLOW it...

Third to BREATHE IN with a demand and then BREATHE OUT to let it go...



Totally get it, but would love a little more insight?

Yay! Good! Let's dive further...

But first I just need ONE person to comment on this post and tell me they're interested in knowing more...otherwise I'll quietly move on to the next idea. <3

Please comment, "I'm interested" below. That's's kind for me to know you're here with me and it's kind for you to hear what helps you grow.

Talk soon beautiful beings.

Have a bright and beautiful day (even if it's raining here in Crystal Lake, IL ;).

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