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My Tiny Miracle

My tiny miracle.

This is a picture of my beautiful daughter, Rowan - one of my greatest miracles.

F***, I just learned there is a 1 in 400 trillion chance that we are born at the exact time we were born, to our exact parents, in that exact place.

So what are we waiting for now?

I’m not waiting anymore!

I am a tiny miracle. You are a tiny miracle.

Please, please, please ask for a miracle today.

Whatever you’re looking for.

Whatever you’re seeking.

Ask for a miracle today.

When we ask we always receive…

…not in the way we always thought

…not in the timeline we’re attached to

…but lemme tell you if you need it NOW this crazy awesome Universe will provide for you.


FEEL it.


And if you can’t access that space in your body where you can believe it that’s okay.

Ask anyway.

Demand anyway.

It’s not greedy, it’s clear.

I’m asking for my miracle now because I am a F****** miracle so I already know that energy.

And so do you.

Even though we don’t remember our birth with our conscious mind...

We remember it….in here...within....

In our heart and body <3

And that's all we have touched that energy have it again.

And again.

And again.



* Blessings on your way to your miracle. *



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