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Joy creates joy...

If you desire true change in your life please start choosing joy today as much as possible...and do it unapologetically.

Choosing joy for you is the kindest thing you can choose even if those around you aren't choosing it...


Because joy creates joy.

Misery will never ever create joy.

It's simple, but we forget...

So whatever you do, no matter what, find ways of infusing more joy into what you're doing.

This includes when "bad" things happen and you can't seem to find any joy...give yourself permission to enJOY the struggle even if it's just 1% more.

Even 1% more can create a big shift over time...think of a ship changing it's trajectory by 1 first it won't seem to make much of a difference, but given enough time and distance it it will end up in a completely different place.

This isn't a war won by grand gestures; it's a trillion tiny battles in the form of one itsy bitsy choice at a

-> Singing in the shower or your car instead of worrying about your day.

-> Focusing on something you like about yourself instead of something you don't like when glancing in the mirror.

-> Buying the fancy drink that makes you squeal with delight instead of pinching your pennies.

-> Smiling at the store clerk or person on the street instead of avoiding their gaze.

-> Turning off the news or drama-filled movie when you notice your mood take a dive and putting something inspiring or funny on instead.

-> Laughing when you could be mad or sad.

-> Being kind to that uncomfortable feeling that just came up instead of rejecting it or shoving it back down.

-> Taking a cat nap instead of pushing through when you're tired.

(Let me know in the comments ways you choose joy everyday!)

Be creative, there are a gazillion "tweaks" you can make to the most mundane of days to bring a little more joy. These changes might feel too small to make any real difference at first, but they are actually the foundation of creating exactly the life you want to live.

They're energetic powerhouses that build into a more joyful state of being.

So go play!

Encourage other people around you to play. Notice when you're being a grumpy grump grump (a very technical term ;) and acknowledge how you feel, challenge your belief in that moment holding you back from your natural state of joy, allow and acknowledge your feelings and then expand beyond them.

Don't try to shrink down the thing bothering you; instead expand and become so big that your troubles are the size of a pebble and place those "trouble pebbles" in your pocket. You're not ignoring them, you're just not stopping because of them.

Have too much fun!

If this resonates for you please gimme a "I choose joy!" in the comments.

Much love <3


Dec 23, 2019

I choose Joy!

This holiday season I determined to have a different experience, & not let time or space or any thing stop me from accomplishing the visions of what I see possible. I began decorating & preparing for a joyful experience. I began seeing things in new ways like I used to.

I was always a creative... my zest for living life! Using things I've gathered from near & far. Most of the time the reason or purpose is unknown to me until the moment arrives when it reveals itself! That is my life purpose...finding new purpose by creating new things, new ways, out of the old. Change happens, it's meant to, & I love being a pa…


Brittany Bogdanovic
Brittany Bogdanovic
Dec 20, 2019

I choose joy!🧚‍♀️ Instead of the stress and worry during the holidays, I'm choosing flow which works for me and brings me joy. Which then can be spread to others! 💕 All aboard this joyful train🚂

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