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How to "melt" yourself and others (w/podcast link)

One of my VERY FAVORITE energy tools is called melting.

Melting is a way of interacting with energy which has become my go-to when I feel stuck or when someone else is stuck and I have no idea what to do about it.

Or if I have an idea of what to do, I use it anyway to speed the process along.

Here's my podcast all about melting or read below for more, including a step-by-step process on how to use melting in your day-to-day life.

The easiest way of understanding melting energy is to first think of someone you consider really closed off, judgmental, sharp, critical, close minded and defensive.

How do you feel around that person?

Do they feel lovely and warm or hard and cold?

Do things naturally flow when you're around them or are do things feel stuck or forced?

Is there ease with that person or is it a struggle?

Is your body relaxed or does it tense up?

Now imagine someone who is the most openhearted, open minded, non-judgmental, soft and kind person you've ever known (hint: if you don't smile when thinking about this person, keep going; there's someone more lovely you can think of)....

How do you feel around that person?

I'll ask the same questions...

Do they feel lovely and warm or hard and cold?

Do things naturally flow when you're around them or are do things feel stuck or forced?

Is there ease with that person or is it a struggle?

Is your body relaxed or does it tense up?

How are they different from the first person?

Chances are your answers to these questions were exactly the opposite from the first person to this current person.

You probably answered that the first person was hard and cold, stuck, a struggle to be around and your body tenses up around them.


The second person who you probably said was lovely and warm, full of ease and your body relaxed around them.

So why is that?

Person #1 has a lot of judgement, which is a type of RESISTANCE energy and Person #2 has a lot of allowance, which is a type of GENERATIVE energy.

RESISTANCE energies like judgement are solid like ICE.

GENERATIVE energies like allowance are free flowing like WATER.

Starting to get where melting comes in?

What happens when you melt ice? It becomes in this case, melting Person #1 will help melt their icy judgement so they can return to more of who they truly are, which is in a constant flow state like water.

When you MELT a person with energy it's like taking that judgmental person encased in ice and putting them out in the HOTTEST SUN to ever exist and melting the sweet hell out of 'em.

Melting energy literally melts a person's judgment, their anti-consciousness, like the hot sun would naturally melt ice.

It's truly kind to melt someone's judgement.

When you melt them their judgement starts to break away and dissipate so they are more free.

They gain more access to who they truly are again.

NOW, twoquick points to make before I show you how to melt peeps.

Pointer 1: You CANNOT have any point of view about what it will create when you melt someone. In other words, give up any expectation that they're going to change. That's not how melting works. Just like a giant ice cube they're unconsciousness will melt from the outside in, meaning the judgment they're willing to give up will melt first so how you've decided they should change may not show up or it may take time.

Pointer 2: Do NOT EXPECT your mind to be totally on board with this process at first. Working with energy is NON-LINEAR, so your mind will probably think it's not going to do anything or even worth trying. Expect that, but please do it anyway. The mind always wants to over complicate everything so it may not believe at first that something so simple can be effective. But if you're interested in working with energy consciously (we all work with energy every moment of every day; we're just not aware of it), then please get used to working in a non-linear way (WOOHOO!!!!). It's very freeing, but also a little uncomfortable since it's not the "normal" way of interacting with the world.

With that said, here's my podcast where I go over all of the steps for melting.


Imagine person or situation you're having issues with. Hold that person, even if it's you, or a symbol of the situation you're struggling with (ex: picture a house if you're trying to sell your house or a heart if you're trying to heal a relationship) in your mind lightly.


If it's a person, imagine they are encased in a HUGE block of ice. Only their head, hands and feet are sticking out of this huge block of ice. If it's a situation, imagine the symbol you chose in step one fully encasing it in ice (ex: picture a house or heart encased in a giant block of ice).


Imagine the person or symbol is on the beach in this huge block of ice and the sun has just come out. It's the HOTTEST sun you have ever seen so you watch as the HOT SUN melts the ice around the person or symbol. You notice the sun is so hot that as soon as the ice melts it evaporates instantly.


Keep melting the person or symbol until all of the ice has melted and evaporated.

If you're not a visual person, don't worry, you can also do this by feel. In the beginning especially, you may not "feel" anything at first, but if you keep practicing eventually you'll start by just feeling a little bit greater sense of ease or lightness. Over time that feeling may grow to feeling really lovely when doing it.

The great part about melting someone else's energy is you automatically melt yours too, so something greater is always created. YAY!

Take a listen to my podcast where I go over melting and walk you through the process:

Try this out and please let me know how it goes in the comments below!


Unknown member
Mar 07, 2020

Brittany- Yay! This one's for you, darling one! Please let me know if you have any questions and/or thoughts! <3


Brittany Bogdanovic
Brittany Bogdanovic
Mar 07, 2020

Omg!!!! So excited!!!! Eek!!! 😍😍😠

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