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Easeful Trust Exercise

Trust is a muscle you're continually building.

The more you soften your body the easier and more fully everything will come...

And I do mean "EVERYTHING" you've been asking for will come...

Please do this now: drop your shoulders, breathe in slower and deeper, and settle into the space you're in.

-> If you're sitting, melt into the chair.

-> If you're standing, feel your body become heavier and your feet sink into the ground.

-> If you're laying down, notice supported your body is right now.

In this softened state remind yourself of how everything is connected.

Remember how connected YOU already are (and always are)...

...the molecules of your body are constantly bumping into the molecules in the air around you, which bump into the walls, the ceiling and floor, which bump into all of the buildings with all the people within and without, which bump into the trees, plants, and animals, which bump into the ground and on and on it goes until ultimately all these molecules bump into every single other molecule on the planet and beyond.

You are connected to everyone and everything in the world and it's all working for you. ❤

You are connected to everyone and everything in the world and it's all working for you.

In this softness allow yourself to trust.

Allow yourself to receive.

And as you go on with your day challenge yourself to stay in this softened state and "try" less while receiving more.

The current of energy you're riding will take you where you need to go.

In other words, it's ok to just be and enjoy what surrounds you. :)

So go do that today...all much as possible. <3

1 Comment

Brittany Bogdanovic
Brittany Bogdanovic
Oct 08, 2019

Thank you, have a beautiful day as well.

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