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Doubting? Do this...

This blog post is a piggy back off one of my latest blog posts, "Care about how you feel". I asked you to comment if you were interested in learning fast and easy tools to go from a "bad" feeling to a "good" feeling. The second person to comment chose doubt to transcend (thank you Irene ;).

Whenever I think of doubt I get a visceral reaction in my body...

My head gets a little fuzzy and my solar plexus aches.

Where do you feel doubt in your body? Comment below!

Is it your stomach?

Do your shoulders tighten up?

Here's the fastest way to release doubt wherever you're feeling it...

Step 1. Acknowledge where it is in your body (like we did above)...

Step 2. Thank it for protecting you all of these years and...

Step 3. Tell it its service is no longer needed and it can go.

Click here to download the script.

Do this every time it comes up.

Over and over.

Every time you do this it nibbles away at the subconscious beliefs holding the doubt in.

If you need a little more when you're feeling paralyzed by doubt do this:

Follow Steps 1, 2 & 3 above...then...

Step 4. Focus on the desired outcome

Doubt only comes when there's an action you'd like to take but you're worried about it not turning out. So instead of staying in this rather uncomfortable place of doubt focus on what you DO want.

Focus on what you want a lot.

It's not your job to figure out how; it's your job to figure out what you want.

Even if you don't know specifically what you want just ask for more of the energies you'd like to show up in your life...ease, peace, joy, fun, happiness, laughter; whatever feels yummy to your body.

Be specific enough that you experience positive feelings in your body, but general enough that icky feelings like doubt don't creep in.

Play with this a little bit.

I'll give you an example...

Let's say you want to a rockin' relationship...

Imagine how good it would feel to find the perfect person for you...someone who loves and adores you, respects you, is crazy fun to be around, is super attractive, etc. Keep imagining how that would feel without it needing to be a specific person with a specific income with a specific look, at a specific age, etc...

If any icky feelings creep in then you're being too specific...back out and go more general.

Go as general as you need to evoke those good feelings again.

Then throughout your day whenever you notice someone or a relationship that matches the energy of what you want in some way, say to the Universe, "That Universe! I want a relationship that matches that energy and more."

Remember...the Universe has your back.

It is infinitely creative. Trust it.

Trust yourself.

Focus on what you desire as much as possible.

Focus on what you desire as much as possible.

I also suggest watching uplifting videos, reading uplifting articles and books, listening to music that makes you wanna sing and dance; whatever helps you connect to what you want...

Keep inundating yourself with things that make your body tingle with giddy delight.

Try it.

After awhile of doing this you'll build momentum.

And have more fun than you were taught you could have especially when creating your life.

And then one day POW...everything will come together.


Comment "I totally get it" if you like the steps I provided or comment "Tell me more" if you'd like a little more clarity.


Erin Ryan, MSOM, LAc
Erin Ryan, MSOM, LAc
Sep 26, 2019

You're so welcome Irene! I'm so glad to help! <3


Irene Lutton
Sep 23, 2019

I totally get it! Thanks for a great post!

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