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Suggested listening while reading:

There is an old rhythm, like a song, that we all "danced" to for most of our lives...we thought it was how things were supposed to be because that's how they've always been (or so it seemed).

But now that old rhythm has stopped, yet many of us are trying to keep on dancing to its beat...the over productivity, the "shoulds", the incessant pushing and striving...trying to match the pace of a soulless machine that does not sleep, but is constantly thrumming...

trying to match the pace of a soulless machine that does not sleep, but is constantly thrumming...

But as that old beat gets quieter and quieter and falls silent it will finally dissipate and what's left is this...

A new rhythm is that was always there, like the beat of our heart...

It slows us down...and helps us breathe...and stops the pushing...the striving...the worrying...the overthinking...and it stops us from trying to be anywhere other than exactly where we are right we can finally be fully present in our beautiful brings us back to our truest, most natural selves...the untouched self...

If you stop to listen you'll be able to hear the song as it fills the air...

...for some it's so quiet it might seem like it's off in the distance, but for me, and for you I suspect, it gets louder and louder every moment of every day...

It's bringing us back to our senses (all 6 of them ;), back to ourselves and connecting us more deeply to our bodies and those around us than perhaps ever before.

So allow yourself to surrender the old rhythm of manic manifestation so that you can dance to the rhythm of connection and flow.


Because of the shelter-in-place I've dropped years worth of density and energetic weight in a month and change...I've gone up and down and all around and with each tempo change I've spun and pivoted...and because of this rapid change, I'm more "me" than ever. If you're reading this, you've done the same my friend and I honor you for it. Please honor you too. <3


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