Affirmations work best when...

Affirmations work best when...

You have a positive emotional response in your body to the words you're saying.

  • The better you feel, the more effective the affirmation is for you in actively attracting what you do want.

That's how energy don't attract what you say; you attract what you're being.
  • So even if you feel just a teensy-weensy bit better it's still a helpful affirmation for you because you're improving your energetic point of attraction.

If you don't have a positive emotional response when saying an affirmation then....

  • At best, you're replacing a potentially negative thought with a positive one (yay!) so at least you're not adding to the negative pool of thoughts and emotions you've got goin' on (which means your energetic point of attraction doesn't take a down turn).

  • At worst, you could be inadvertently focusing on the very opposite of the affirmation's message because...when you focus on something you do want you are also simultaneously aware of what you don't want.

  • So if your limiting unconscious beliefs are strong enough you'll actually be focusing on the opposite of the affirmation. Oops!

Take this affirmation, for instance:

"I am abundant and money flows to me with ease."

The first part of the affirmation focuses on abundance. By necessity, as soon as we see the word "abundant", we also become aware of lack since we cannot understand what abundance is without also understanding what lack of abundance is.

This means that if you don't really believe you can be abundant and have stored up enough negative thoughts and feelings (beliefs) then saying this affirmation will actually get you to focus on your lack of belief in abundance rather than abundance itself.

The same goes for money flowing to you easily. If you've amassed enough negative judgments and beliefs about money, then your energy won't allow money to flow to you with ease. It all depends on how much resistance and negative subconscious beliefs you've built up over time.

So when the scales are already strongly tipped towards negativity you'll actually be actively attracting the opposite of what you desire. That's why affirmations don't seem to work for some people.

That's why affirmations don't seem to work for some people.

So the million dollar question is how do you know if you're attracting the opposite of what you want? And how do you change it if you are?