A hummingbird told me to get my sh** together (well, sort of) [w/podcast link]

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Are there things that make you crabby? I know I definitely have some of those! Did you know that the obstacles making us crabby can actually be a contribution?

Lemme explain...

Soooo... not long ago I had this pet peeve, which I'm not super proud to admit (especially since it's one of "those" petty first world problem sort of pet peeves), but c'est la vie, I'm willing to share it anyway in the hope it will help you...

Soooo... this pet peeve started with COVID when I noticed, while taking a walk with my kiddos around my neighborhood, that a decent amount of people weren't even attempting to stay socially distanced when it was clear our paths would soon intersect on the sidewalk. That would always leave the impetus on me to rearrange my route to accommodate them (either by crossing the street or pushing my stroller far into the grass), even when they were:

  • Bicyclists (dude, there's a whole other dedicated bike lane just for you, so why do I have to push my baby's stroller in the grass and coral my son to follow along and give up the sidewalk for you?)

  • Only one person (dude, why do I have to move my entire family when you can move waaaaay more easily since you're only 1 human and we are 3?)

  • Person with a dog (dude, don't dogs PREFER grass so why are you shoving me off the sidewalk when even your pooch would prefer the grass anyway?)

  • Joggers (again, you're one person, bro!)

So on a particular morning in the not-so-distant-past I was walking my daughter in her stroller like I usually do (my son was at his Dad's that day) and I saw a woman up ahead walking her dog. I could see that she was not interested in the slightest in moving out of the way for us, so (as per usual) I decided it best to cross the street to avoid her instead.

Given my pet peeve, it will come as no surprise to you that this made me a little crabby. Okay fine, more than a little crabby. In fact, I was so disgruntled I MAY have even mumbled something salty under my breath. (I did mention I'm not proud of this, right?) But alas, we crossed the street nonetheless.