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I sometimes make my clients cry

Okay, so to be fair I also make my clients laugh (and a lot more than I make them cry). And to be even more fair, it's not so much that I am really making them cry; rather, it's their bodies and being recognizing it's finally safe to let all the "stuff" float up to the surface to finally be released. All the "stuff" they've been holding onto, locking in and pushing down is finally able to blossom and dissipate.

Damn this lady's pretty. You know what? You're beautiful too!

If I had a nickel for every time one of my beautiful clients said during a session, "I don't know why I'm crying, this is crazy!" I'd have like two bucks, woo! ;) But in all seriousness, I'd have like five bucks. Haha ;) (Sorry, sometimes I can't help myself).

So why is it important to let all that stuff go anyway? And what is that stuff and why is crying the way it happens? [next blog post] The whole point of energy medicine, no matter what kind, is to restore balance by releasing blockages so that the body can return to homeostasis.

Think of a happily flowing river for a moment. If unobstructed, the water moves freely and naturally giving respite and nourishment to everything around and in it. But if the river is blocked by boulders, garbage or even a beaver building a dam, then the water is obstructed from flowing. The water can sometimes just be diverted and flow a little less smoothly and become more choppy like waves crashing into a big rock or it can also be stopped up completely, resulting in putrefaction of the water as it sits totally stagnant.

Sometimes, the flow can even be reversed in parts creating that feeling of "going against the flow" where nothing seems to go quite right in our lives, where everything is an uphill (or up-steam) battle. Our bodies are much the same. (If you ever want to hear more on the anatomy of our energetic bodies, let me know).

Our physical and emotional suffering results from these blockages. When we release the "stuff" we're dissolving some of these blocks, whether an entire block or just part of one that will be released when it's ready (think bricks in a wall; we pull one or two out at a time until finally the whole thing comes tumbling down). By releasing these blockages we start to have a lot more ease in our lives and our bodies just like the river happily flowing along. By using the momentum of the water (which is just energy) we can get where we're going WAY faster with a lot more ease, joy and fun.

Then we don't have to try so hard all of the time to make things work in our lives. We don't have to keep forcing ourselves to do things or fulfill so many obligations. We return to an innate sense of trust in ourselves and our experiences past, present and future. Our creative and generative capacities blossom. We stop having to "fix" everything, including ourselves and other people. We have far less concern over what other people think. We more easily recognize how interconnected we all are so we're finally able to transmute judgment and anger into compassion and understanding (most of all for ourselves). Sounds like an okay way to spend the rest of our lives, don't you think? Certainly better than the alternative!

So the next time you're tempted to suppress a tear (or a laugh), don't! Recognize that your tears are bubbling up to release something that's been impeding your natural rhythm and flow. It's not actually important that you know what's causing the tears. Knowing can help to uncover more to release more, but in the moment that's far less important than just being in total allowance. (Sometimes knowing can even create a rabbit hole that just isn't necessary to go down in order to move forward.)

So just know that by being willing to be in complete allowance of your pain and its expression you're helping to restore your own inner balance tear by tear, drop by drop. See, the thing is, our bodies and being have an intelligence and sentience all their own that goes beyond what our minds can sometimes comprehend. That's why during an energy session so many people feel totally fine, then plop themselves on my table and within minutes of me waiving my magic hands about (or jazz hands- I like jazz hands better ;D) they end up crying so easily. Your body and energy know that it's safe now to release, even if you don't consciously know...and that's okay. One more piece of garbage in your beautiful being that's been acknowledged and transmuted. Yay!

[In my next blog post I'll discuss what all that "stuff" is that's creating the blockages in the first place!...if I feel like it, that promises. I might get bored and do something else like watch Netflix or eat a banana. Although honestly, I can do all three at once. Yes, I'm slightly ADD, which I'm cool with. Hell, during half this blog post I was watching season two of The Magicians. It's a fun show if you haven't watched it!]

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