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My Second Bars Class Experience

Yesterday was my second Access Bars class. Today I feel different. Just different.

Music hits me in a more pronounced way. It's as if I'm existing in the vibration of the notes. I can feel them crash into my cells, vibrate and spread. I don't really have the words.

I also feel clearer, calmer, like things just naturally make more sense; clean, un-muddled. I'm not getting glued in place with transient thoughts and feelings. I feel a little like a branch bobbing along on a lazy river on a sunny afternoon. There's all this life thrumming around and about me, yet I'm just bobbing down the river in a pseudo-blissful state. It's a quieter bliss, though. Not the kind of outwardly excitable bliss triggered from a particular event. It's more akin to a pleasant feeling, with a pronounced sort of openess. My barriers are down. I don't have to protect myself. I am happier too, less dense. I can feel now, as I write this, how the molecules of my cells have further fused with everything around me. Like when you beat flour and water together and it eventually becomes homogenized. Kinda. Sorta. I feel less like an island and more in a perma state of oneness.

Yet my energetic awareness for others is even more intense! It's just less confusing. Even the muscles in my back are releasing. I can feel the energy moving in a freer, liquid state.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Access Bars are a set of 32 points in the head which, when lightly touched and held in a certain sequence for about an hour, dynamically release limitations in areas of our lives including money, aging, control, creativity, sexuality, and healing, just to name a few. I have had my Bars run multiple times, but during a class it's more intensive. You give and receive 4 hours worth of Bars. Yesterday also included near constant clearings by my teacher as well to boot.

This already intensive class was coupled with an opportunity to run Bars for the first time with one of my highly sensitive energy worker friends and *BAM*, my world was changed, shifted. Like Reiki, Bars will run a little differently based on who you run them with. Certain limitations can be unlocked by the person you're running Bars on and vice versa. Yesterday was no exception, though this time stood out in its own way. It felt like someone was going down into the dredges deep into the muck at the bottom of a lake and pulling out muddy, forgotten trash and bits of foreign things, forgotten things. I still can't quite place them or really tell you what they were, only that they are gone now in puffs of proverbial smoke. I am humbled that so much could be released in so little time. I am so very grateful.

My second set of Bars was run by a women with a palpable amount of depression and sadness locked into her body. Having gone through intense bouts of depression on and off the majority of my life, it was easy to spot and feel. The energy felt light, and she fell into a twilight sleep during her session. On my turn I just felt peaceful, everything was soft.

Now everything is the same and nothing is the same. Every time I get my Bars run more unlocks, more and more judgement dissipates, and any judgment I release that matches my facilitator will be released for them simultaneously too. Bars is synergistic in this way. Now I have an even bigger sense of space. I think I'll do it all again! And again....and again...;)


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