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What could change in your life if you didn't have to be "special"?

What could change in your life if you didn't have to be "special"?

How much time and effort do we spend in our lives trying to sustain a deep down belief that we are supposed to be "special" to have worth?

Please think. on that. a moment. longer. How much time and effort do you spend in your life trying to convince yourselves and others that you are special and so accordingly have worth? How much time do you spend wanting others to view you as special? Because if you didn't you wouldn't be special at all? Which is kinda sorta your worst fear? Because special = worth in this reality? What if you gave that up right now? How much would that drastically change everything you've been doing, all the points of view you've been holding on to that require a vast amount of energy to sustain?

If you released the need to be special, to be unique, what else could be possible? Who could you be if you didn't have to worry about being "good enough", "special enough", "amazing enough"? How much more freedom and lightness would that bring to your life? How much more fun could you have? How much more play could you have? How much more space could you have?

And what if you are so innately special that it doesn't require any work or effort at all, to just BE that? What if you are already so incredibly unique that it comes naturally? So naturally and automatically that you think you couldn't possibly be as amazingly unique as you truly are? What then? I don't know about you, but that lightens up my world! Seriously folks, let's give up the idea of being special so that we can have the freedom to see that we already are! It gives me a sense of space. A sense of peace. Deep. Profound. What about you?

p.s. On reflection I see that one of the reasons I've held this point of view that I need to be special is to propel me forward in life, keep me going, growing and learning. But what if I no longer required that point of view to keep going and growing? What if I could just choose growth because it's what I want to do simply because it's fun and interesting and contributes to me? What then?


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