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Worry is...

During one of my Reiki sessions the other day this popped up in mind:

Worry is just the need to control disguised.

Wow. Just wow. Think on that! It hit me like a ton of bricks. Recognizing that trying to control everything is not only not much fun, but actually creates more anxiety, more fear, and less trust, and less feelings of safety (which is the whole reason we feel a need to control at all; to feel safe!). That recognition will make it much easier for you to release worry in the here and now.

You can remind yourself, "As I release my need to control because I recognize that's it not much fun and hasn't brought me anymore happiness or really made me safer at all, I release my worry! It's okay to release it all now!"

Worry is just the need to control disguised. Let it go. Let you be. Be.

Here is a dog, a very cute dog, a dog that will help you to remember not to take things so seriously!

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