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When I wake up and feel heavy

Am I the only one? I've woken up feeling heavy. Sometimes very heavy, and in the past I really didn't understand why.

Sure, I could always fish and dig for reasons; I've always been a pro at that (are you too?). But there was rarely anything ever happening in those moments that were ever really "bad". The truth is that heaviness is a culmination of all the icky thoughts, fears, beliefs, judgments and separations you've been internalizing for a very long time (our dreams are a way for us to vent and process them as well, so that leftover can influence us in the morning too). So how the heck do we get out of that space of judgment? How do we send it packing so we can embrace our day?

#1 Acknowledge there is nothing wrong with you. You haven't done anything wrong. You are not wrong for feeling this way.

#2 Acknowledge that all that heaviness is not serving you now. We tend to hold on to pain, fear, limitation, and make up stories about what it means. When we do this, we lock it in place. Instead, thank the heaviness like an old friend and then give yourself permission to release it, let it go, say au revoir.

#3 Acknowledge that we humans are like huge psychic antennas, so what you're feeling was probably never truly yours to begin with. You don't even have to know where it comes from, but take a moment to send the ickiness back. You can ask yourself, "Who does this belong to? I return it now."

#4 If you're an energy worker, do some healing on yourself. Notice if you're drawn to certain areas of your body. For me, my solar plexus and tummy seem to be places I lock that "stuff" in dynamically. If you're not a trained energy worker, have no fear, take a moment to send loving vibes to yourself. It will help!

#5 Get up, and get going. It's important not to dwell too much on the heavy stuff. Get up, get going, and take charge of your day (even if you don't feel like it right now). Movement breaks up stagnate energy and helps it flow freely. Invite in adventure and fun. It's important not to shut off your receiving just because you are feeling "off".

Do you have any tools of your own? Please share in the comments if you do!

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