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Soul Realignment™

Soul Realignment™


Crystal Lake Reiki is teaming up with Lasting Serenity in Crystal Lake to offer a Soul Realignment & Blueprint Reading by Angie ZXUH!

What is it?

A Soul Blueprint Reading looks at the “story” of your Soul in the Akashic Record. Choices you’ve made throughout the history of your Soul are identified that have created blocks and restrictions affecting your current human experience. We’ll identify the energetic qualities of your soul (which remain constant through each incarnation), your own personal Divine Soul Expression, and look at choices that can help you align with your Soul Purpose.

How do these blocks and restrictions affect me currently?

For instance, a past life issue that carries the energy of miscommunication may cause you to hear yourself say things like: “Why do I have to keep saying things over and over and over?”, “Why don’t people understand what I am saying?” Another example is the energy of lack keeping you from easily creating abundance in your life. Clearing these energies in your Akashic Record can quickly create shifts and changes. Supporting that clearing with the homework will help set the clearing down to the cellular level, and Energy Sessions with a practitioner (Like Erin), can identify and help you clear lingering energy and create choices that support your Divinity, significantly improving and changing your life.

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    What next?

    Once you make the choice to take the next step, you'll be asked for your name(s), birth date, and city/state of birth (this ensures that the correct record is being read). Angie will go into your Record using a specific protocol to keep it organized and easy to understand. Once the reading is complete, the story is written, and the clearing work is initiated, and you will be contacted to meet at Lasting Serenity in Crystal Lake, IL. You will receive the results of what Angie has found, the story, and help to identify current choices that you can change to ensure the clearing work is supported. After discussing your Soul Realignment with Erin, you will be contacted to set up 2 one hour sessions to support the clearing work.

    Transformation Packages:

    Package #1 (Price $450) Includes: Expanded Soul Realignment Reading and (2) One Hour Follow-Up Sessions with Erin at Crystal Lake Reiki.

    Package #2 (Price: $600) Includes: Everything from package one, except the follow up energy sessions will be our Signature “Duet” Sessions, where the session will be performed by both Erin and Angie. This allows us to reinforce powerful clearing work in a synchronistic and even wider perspective way. The energy sessions will be scheduled through Crystal Lake Reiki.

    No matter which package you choose, we are confident that the shifts and changes we can facilitate in your energy will create better alignment and more ease in your life.
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