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Remote House Clearing

Remote House Clearing


Remote Akashic House Reading and Clearing 


This session clears negative energy from your home.


This session will identify and clear stagnant and negative energy, discover the Akashic record of your property and reset it to Earth frequency. The AumaKhua-Ki® remote balancing session will leave your home feeling positive and full of light!


Angie ZXUH uses her own unique combination of property clearing remotely without ever physically visiting your home.


  1. First she reads the Akashic Record of your property to discover any historical impacts on the energy of your property.
  2. Then she assesses and balances the energy in your home using her own specially created assessment protocol.
  3. Following the reading and clearing, you'll meet with Angie via ZOOM webchat to deliver the results.


Our clients report noticeable shifts in the energy, and say things like "we've slept better", "it feels lighter & brighter". The results are lasting, and we recommend twice a year, spring & fall, before and after your home is closed up for the winter.


Your Remote Akashic Property Reading and Clearing Includes:

  • Akashic Property Reading & Report (Identifies Sacred/Burial/Battle Ground)
  • Energetic Assessment of the property (Reads for negative energy etc.)
  • AumaKhua-Ki® Remote Energy Balancing Session for the dwelling and the property
  • 30min ZOOM webchat follow up to deliver results
  • All sales are final & non-refundable

  • How do I set up my ZOOM chat after the clearing?

    Angie ZXUH will contact you by phone and/or email as soon as she completes your property clearing to set up a time for the 30min follow up ZOOM webchat to discuss her findings (usually within 24 to 72 hours from when you place your order).

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