Couple's Realignment Session with Erin Ryan (Owner)

In a couple's realignment energy session both you and your partner's individual energies will be cleared and realigned to assist ease, joy, fun and spontaneity in your relationship! This is a great session for couples who are already doing well, but want to explore their relationship even more, and for couples who're struggling with issues like communication, intimacy and joy. Both of you come together during this session! 

A couple's session is a little different than a 1-on-1 session...Erin will first ground both of you and then ask if you have specific areas of your relationship that you'd like facilitation with. If you don't have anything specific, then she'll move up each chakra one by one and "look" at how your energy is interacting. Erin tell you what she's finding and you can offer input (if any). Typically 2 to 3 chakras need a little more harmonizing between them and the others will smooth over easily (if they aren't already balanced). Erin tries to get to all 7 main chakras during the session, though that's not always possible. She fuses Reiki with energy coaching during her sessions, so expect a more active session where you and your partner are listening as well as engaging. Erin will often times give you tools during the session to help and may even give you "homework". Coming for 3 sessions minimum is recommended. 

Session Length: 1 hour


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